Further reading

All historians build on the work of those who came before them. A full bibliography is available in Velvet Glove, Iron Fist but the following books are particularly recommended for anyone who wishes to read about aspects of this topic in more depth...

Cigarette Wars: The Triumph of the Little White Slaver by Cassandra Tate.
This meticulously researched book is superb for an understanding of the anti-smoking campaign in America between 1880-1920.

For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health by Jacob Sullum.
Sullum is always readable, never more so than in his account of anti-smoking in the US, with a focus on events of the 1990s.

Ashes to Ashes by Richard Kluger.
History at its best. Riveting and as likely to annoy anti-smokers as smokers. Certainly guaranteed to annoy the tobacco industry, whose story it tells.

Smoking in British Popular Culture by Matthew Hilton.
This academic work provides a fine overview of smoking in the UK between 1800-2000.

Anti-smoking groups

New Ash - Action on Smoking and Health, founded and funded by the British in government in 1971 as a professional "voluntary group" to fight for legislation against smokers.

Ash - The official website of John Banzhaf's ASH organisation.

No Smoke - The official website of Americans for Nonsmokers Rights

Filthy Smokers- Virulent anti-smoking site.

GASP - One of many GASP sites, this from the US state of Virginia

GASP UK - British anti-smoking group turned smoking ban merchandise vendor

Smoke free movies - Stanton Glantz's project to compel Hollywood to exorcise smoking from films

Tobacco Scam - Another Glantz project, this one aimed at persuading the hospitality industry that smoking bans are good for business

Smokers' rights groups

FORCES - The homepage of the international smokers' rights group Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Curtail and Eliminate Smoking.

Freedom 2 choose - The UK organisation formed in 2005 to fight the smoking ban

- Forest Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco. Formed in 1979.

Ashmob - "a tolerance-based community organisation of non-smokers and smokers that believes in promoting the amicable co-existence of non-smokers and smokers"

Smoking lobby - American smokers' rights website.


Self-ownership - A must see animation for young and old.

The Devil's Kitchen - The best British political/libertarian blog on the web. Consistently excellent but not for the squeamish.

Sean Gabb - Arguably Britain's greatest living libertarian.

Reason - "Political journal advocating the gamut of libertarian causes"

Spiked - UK libertarian online magazine formed out of the ashes of - of all things - Living Marxism.

The Libertarian Alliance


Kill or cure? - an excellent new site listing all the things the Daily Mail claims cause cancer.

Tobacco documents - 8 million pages of tobacco industry documents put online. Includes many books and articles photocopied by the industry which would otherwise be protected by copyright.

Tobacco - News about smoking and tobacco control. Updated daily.

Smokers History - Labyrinthine, conspiratorial and anonymous, this vitriolic anti-anti-smoking site contains many useful links.

Denial Delay - ASH's account of British (in)action in the 1960s

The British Medical Journal

The Lancet

The Journal of the American Medical Association

The New England Journal of Medicine

Junk Science - Steven Milloy's Junk Science organisation

Quack watch - More about bad science

Number Watch - Essential epidemiology from John Brignell

The Environment and Disease: Association or Causation? - Austin Bradford Hill's classic text giving advice to fellow epidemiologists as to how to distinguish causation from chance.


Antibrains - Michael McFadden's book 'Dissecting Anti-Smokers' Brains'

Rampant Antismoking - Vincent-Riccardo Di Pierri's book 'Rampant Antismoking Signifies Grave Danger: Materialism Out of Control'

Dick Puddlecote - An entertaining British blog

Burning issues - The Minnesotan home of the 'pure air rights' movement. For those who think that lawn-mower exhaust, laundry detergent and barbeques can be deadly.

Multiple chemical sensitivity - All you need to know about how everyday domestic products can kill.

The Rest of the Story - Michael Siegel's blog

Wisp of Smoke - Wisp-ers of the world

Honestly, who else would fund such research? - An interesting article by Michael Marlow, an American economics professor, who found himself ostracised for asking the question "Do smoking bans damage businesses?"

Britain in the grip of an binge-drinking epidemic? We've been here before. Binge drinking and moral panics: historical parallels?

A little light relief: People over 30 are grown-ups, says report and Chinese gain access to vast archive of BBC health scares - From The Daily Mash

March of the Zealots - By John Brignell (highly recommended).

Part 8: Invasion of the Righteous - one man's view of smoking bans (scroll down and read the whole series of articles)

Smoking is no longer an issue of freedom says ASH's Peter Kellner. See here