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Published by Little Dice on June 22nd 2009
415 pages
ISBN: 9780956226501

- Spain, 1493 - Europe's first smoker imprisoned by the Inquisition
- England, 1604 - Massive tax rise on tobacco in a bid to discourage smoking
- Canada, 1676 - Smoking is banned in the street
- United States, 1899 - Anti-smoking campaigners call for the eradication of tobacco
- Germany, 1944 - Smoking banned on public transport to protect workers from secondhand smoke

In this revealing and meticulously researched account of an untold story, Christopher Snowdon traces the fortunes of those who have tried to stamp out tobacco through the ages.

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist takes the reader on a journey from 15th century Cuba to 21st century California, via Revolutionary France, Victorian Britain, Prohibition Era America and Nazi Germany. Along the way, the author finds uncanny parallels between today's anti-smoking activists and those of the past.

Today, as the same tactics begin to be used against those who enjoy alcohol, chocolate, fast food, gambling and perfume, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist provides a timely reminder that once politicians start regulating private behaviour, they find it very hard to quit.

"Magnificent...I can't speak highly enough of this extraordinary labour of love. I've read many books on smoking and this is best by far. It's a superb read." Taking Liberties

"Really very good...a damn good read" Devil's Kitchen

"A marvellous piece of work. Simply stunning." Freedom2Choose

"Solidly researched, interesting and only occasionally strident" The Economist

"The book is a feast. Prepare to learn a lot, and much in the nature of revelations, from a dedicated researcher and lucid prose stylist." Forces

"I am proud to go on record in giving this book a fully deserved five stars." Michael J. McFadden

"Fascinating. Extensive research, and extremely well-written...Excellent, excellent book. Would recommend it to anyone because it's such an eye-opener from a number of angles." Amazon reviwer

"This is a great example of what history should be. It's thoroughly researched but doesn't get bogged down in the details, and it's so well written that it keeps your interest to the end."Amazon reviewer

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